Our Morning Routine

I would choose to write about our morning routine the week that it has been thrown out the window… before you get any ideas, it is SPRING BREAK, so that’s a good excuse right?  With my oldest at home this week instead of in school we’ve slept in, (ahhh yes) and the morning routine hasn’t been happening.  Life will resume to normal next week, or at least we hope.

Normally however, my  oldest and I get up and get him ready to go to school.  Unfortunately usually my baby boy (19 months) wakes up too expecting my full attention.  Most days I walk around fixing sandwiches and breakfast with him either screaming at my feet or my balancing him on my hip.

He wants a lot of attention in the mornings.  I think I must have done this to him and my others I choose to sit for a while with my babies in the morning and snuggle.  Some might call it lazy, I call it “our time”. I usually do my quiet time then too.  Then of course, I finally have to pull myself away for things like dishwasher duty, a shower and laundry. . .

Hopefully, my kids will remember the important stuff . . . like the snuggles.  This week, there are more snuggles.


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