Teaching Kids Responsibility is our responsibility

Teaching Our Kids Responsibility is Our Responsibility

Ever since I became a parent I have felt the weight of the immense responsibility of rearing my children.  As they have grown older one of the biggest things I have wanted to teach them is responsibility.  After all, teaching our kids responsibility is ultimately our responsibility as parents.  I have written on this topic numerous times here on the blog, so I thought we would revisit those posts … Read More >>>


Bible Journaling Bloggers

Bible Journaling Bloggers

If there is anything I love it is journaling.  Recently, I discovered a new way of journaling to love, Bible journaling.  And to me there is no better combination to mix than Bible journaling and blogging.  As a blogger, I love to read other blogs and when I discovered that there were other bloggers who […]

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Pinterest FB

Tailwind: My Pinterest Scheduler of Choice

Do you enjoy using Pinterest?  If you’re a blogger scheduling Pinterest pins to share your blog and other’s blog posts with others can be super beneficiary to you.  Pinterest at this time is my highest traffic driver of all, driving more traffic to my blog daily than any other website.  I believe this is due […]

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Transform your home with this one after school rule

Transform Your Home with this One After School Rule

For the past 3 years, I have worked full-time outside the home and part-time in my business, which equaled long days.  When I would get home from work I was already exhausted, but still had to do homework with the kids, cook supper, get organized for the next day, do laundry, and do client work […]

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