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Teaching My Children – Life’s Lessons

There are a great number of lessons I want to teach my children throughout their lives.  Depending upon the lesson that I wish to teach her I will likely use a different method of teaching.  For example, when my daughter was younger, she asked repeatedly to learn to tie her shoes.  This is something she […]


Pinterest FB

Tailwind: My Pinterest Scheduler of Choice

Do you enjoy using Pinterest?  If you’re a blogger scheduling Pinterest pins to share your blog and other’s blog posts with others can be super beneficiary to you.  Pinterest at this time is my highest traffic driver of all, driving more traffic to my blog daily than any other website.  I believe this is due […]


May Monthly Blog Report

As I mentioned in last months blog report, I knew May was going to be a busy month. I was right.  With the end of school and all that it entails I was super busy.  I wasn’t able to blog as often as I would have liked.  I once again did NOT meet my blogging […]

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Bloggers, Yes you should hire your kids!

Bloggers, Hire Your Kids

As a working mom and blogger, I often find it difficult to get everything that I need or want to do done.  My mind often runs 100 miles per hour with great ideas, but the time to implement those ideas just isn’t there.  Since I am out of school for summer (I’m a teacher) I […]

Moms can make money by helping other moms.

How Moms Can Make Money Helping Other Moms

If it’s one thing moms can do it is stick together. Making life run smoothly with kids, home and career can be a tall order. Communicating with other moms helps to ease the stress. If you are looking for a business venture, why not make money helping moms just like yourself? What will you offer […]

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